10 Cannabis Centered Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Date: February 12, 2023

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you might be looking for fun ways to show your loved ones you care about them. Whether you’re taking your (person) out, or spending a low key evening at home, you can still show love and that you enjoy being with them the other 364 days out of the year while heightening your experience and sensations (with cannabis)! This way you can medicate while you celebrate with each other. Here’s a list of fun date ideas that will be even more exciting when with the right high.


Dinner at a Restaurant

It’s no secret that cannabis can stimulate appetite due to its ability to amplify smell. So when the aroma of amazing food is in the air, it’s simply mouthwatering. Taking that special someone to a restaurant for a nice dinner is a classic Valentine's day date and this experience can be enhanced with the right strain. This year, elevate the culinary experience by consuming before taking a ride service over to a favorite spot or a new place for a three course meal. Before you go, try a strain that will increase your appetite along with producing euphoric effects to magnify the abundance of flavors and ingredients within your delectable dish. 


Long walk or Hike

Taking advantage of the nice weather seems more satisfying and refreshing after a little bit of cannabis, especially in Arizona where there are many hiking trails and beautiful mountain landscapes. Start Valentine’s day with a nice leisurely walk after a sativa dominant product with  energizing and uplifting effects that may increase your awareness of sights and sounds of nature. Not up to walking for miles? Use this as an opportunity to go to the botanical gardens.  You have the benefit of enjoying fresh air and admiring the unique plants on the path at your own pace.



Cannabis can sometimes make things feel new which may create this sense of awe and feeling like you’re living firmly in the present and glad to be where you are. After choosing a designated place on the outskirts of town, have a picnic that can include some  infused treats before sunset. Once it’s dark and the cold night air settles in, sit around a bonfire, spark up a joint, play soft music featuring an acoustic guitar on bluetooth speaker, cuddle under a blanket with your loved one and take in the beautiful sight of a thousand stars up above you.


Go to a Concert

Music definitely has a different effect after a high kicks in. Cannabis is what is known as a “psycho-acoustic enhancer” meaning that it changes the ear functioning in the way we perceive the sound of music. With the help of strains that make you feel both happy and relaxed, experience music, new or familiar, in ways you didn’t think were possible this Valentine’s Day. If a favorite band is in town or a local bar has live music playing, use it as an opportunity to share a ride to the concert, vape before the show, and dance to the vibrations from the speakers all night.


Go to the Aquarium 

The imagery and sound of water is known to be tranquil as it reduces stress and increases the feelings of relaxation. Cannabis may also have the potential to do those same things, which makes the Aquarium a peaceful place for a Valentine’s date. The water that may surround  archways, coupled with the sound of the sea life swimming around will keep you mellow while intensifying their colors. That feeling will be deepened by the use of products that sustain that sense of awe and the feelings of joy for a more delightful experience.


Romantic Home cooked meal

When you have incredible cooking skills and your partner knows it, you can’t go wrong by making a special meal and setting a romantic ambiance at home. If you’re an amateur cannabis chef, impress by infusing the items in the dish using  tinctures, powders, or distillates and end the meal with chocolate covered strawberries using cannabis chocolates! For an even more fun shared experience, try a strain that will boost creativity, energy, and happiness and cook together using the ingredients you have in the kitchen and see what you come up with. 



In need of a stress reliever but short on money? A relaxing staycation may be the way to go. Cannabis may decrease your level of stress and make you more ready to loosen up. Start by setting up for all your activities beforehand. If you can, unplug from electronic devices and with the exception of the relaxing music. Maybe try something with heavier relaxing effects and start with some easy meditative yoga. Next, light some scented candles, preferably in relaxing scents like lavender, and take a shared bubble bath using infused bath salts. Once you’re nice and loosened up after, give each other a massage using (aromatic essential oils). If you’re lucky maybe you’ll get to use intimate oils for a more intimate end to the evening.


Paint and Puff

Because cannabis, may boost mood to increase open mindedness needed to create something, painting while consuming can be both relaxing and enjoyable. Whether you paint on a canvas or paint each other, this is a great activity after reaching the right high. Sativa dominant strains that open your mind to creativity may be best for this kind of activity. Enjoy a nice preroll and let the flower guide your hands. Later you’ll have the memory or a painting to remind you of a great Valentines day.


Video games 

For those who like video games, incorporating cannabis adds a different level of fun. Video games can cause the release of feel good chemicals in a similar way that cannabis can. Find a strain that may keep you uplifted that will keep the laughs going. Playing a game like Mario Party is recommended but instead of getting sad whenever a negative event happens in the game, do a dab so even when you're losing horribly you’re winning and adding laughs at the same time. This may be applicable to other preferred video games.

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