Cannabis and Anxiety
July 13, 2022
It is estimated that just over 19% of adults in the U.S. suffer from some form of anxiety disorder, and the National Institute of Mental Health estimates that over 30% of people in the United States will suffer from some form of anxiety during the course of their lives. Given the fact that modern life […]
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What is Cannabis Tolerance?
July 6, 2022
When it comes to understanding how the human body works with cannabis, it's important to know how it reacts as time goes on. A lot of people associate cannabis use with the initial reaction that occurs as a beginner. While this is the purest reaction to cannabis, it is not what happens as you start […]
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The Benefits of Obtaining an Arizona Medical Marijuana Card
June 29, 2022
For decades, marijuana has been considered an illegal substance that leads to drug abuse. It is only in recent times that research into its use has pointed out that marijuana can benefit the health of its user besides giving its accepted recreational effects. The benefits of marijuana come from CBD, or cannabidiol, which is also […]
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A Guide On Cannabis For Beginners
June 27, 2022
Cannabis is consumed by millions of people and is appreciated for its effects. It's a natural substance that is easy to use, has multiple methods of consumption, and a long list of benefits. This guide on cannabis for beginners will go through the details of what this substance is all about and how it works. […]
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