Exploring the Therapeutic Connection: Cannabis and Epilepsy
November 22, 2023
Approximately 77,000 of the 3.4 million people with active epilepsy in the US reside in Arizona5. November marks Epilepsy Awareness Month, and we're delving into cannabis research to explore its potential in alleviating epilepsy symptoms. Before we delve into therapeutic aspects, let's establish a foundational understanding of epilepsy. Inside Epilepsy: A Brief Overview Epilepsy, a […]
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3 Facts That Bust Common Cannabis Myths
September 23, 2022
Although marijuana has been legalized in many states, there are still people that do not understand the many benefits associated with cannabis. For decades, it has been known that marijuana can provide many positive benefits. There are many myths about the dangers of cannabis, and those that use it regularly, that we would like to […]
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Interesting Cannabis Facts
September 1, 2022
The world of Cannabis is far more fascinating than many people might imagine - here are some interesting Cannabis Facts. 1. The Doomsday Vault The Doomsday Vault can be found on the island of Svalbard, between Norway and the North Pole. It is a repository of millions of frozen seeds, placed there in case of […]
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