What is Cannabis Tolerance?

Date: July 6, 2022

When it comes to understanding how the human body works with cannabis, it's important to know how it reacts as time goes on.

A lot of people associate cannabis use with the initial reaction that occurs as a beginner. While this is the purest reaction to cannabis, it is not what happens as you start consistently ingesting it.

Here is a look at what cannabis tolerance is, and the role it has to play in the effectiveness of cannabis.

So What Is Cannabis Tolerance? 

Cannabis tolerance refers to the body's ability to get used to the effects of cannabis. In the beginning, when a person first starts ingesting cannabis, it will have a tremendous effect on the body. Everything will be at 100%, which can be quite substantial.

This does last for a few months assuming consistent use. However, the body then begins to adapt and does not react in the same manner as it originally was.

This is known as developing tolerance and it can often be attributed to the body wanting to maintain equilibrium as best as it can.

Can It Be Predicted (like Blood Alcohol Content)?

It is harder to predict cannabis tolerance in comparison to blood alcohol content. This has to do with how the cannabis is ingested along with how long it has been ingested.

Since alcohol can only be consumed by drinking it, there is more stability in understanding its effects on the human body. This includes predicting how quickly a person will develop a tolerance for it. 

With cannabis, it is a little harder to pinpoint but it does tend to settle in quickly. If you are following the same method of consumption (i.e. edibles or joints), it's possible to notice a pattern as the days go by.

How Can You Prevent It? 

To prevent cannabis tolerance, the best option is to spread the usage. This means not doing it every day and attempting to spread out how often you are ingesting cannabis during a month or year.

The more spread out it gets, the less tolerance you are going to develop for it.

This is something to account for if you believe there are reduced effects of cannabis on your body due to how many times you have taken it.

What Are the Potential Signs and Symptoms? 

There are a few signs that you can begin to look for when it comes to cannabis tolerance. 

The most common signs include irritability, cravings, restlessness, mood changes, and insomnia. Many people will report a few of these signs while others might start to notice all of them at once.

It's important to slow down your usage when this occurs and begin to spread out how often you consume cannabis. It's the only way to regulate what is going into your body.

Cannabis tolerance is a real thing and it's something to be aware of if you are going to be consuming it regularly. This is true whether it is through edibles, concentrates, vaporizers, or joints.

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