Cannabis Strains To Help You Get Better Sleep

Date: July 27, 2022

When it comes to better sleep, it's important to find strains that are going to make a real difference. This is what matters over the long term. Here is a look at how to get better sleep with these strains and why they are a must for your needs.



It all starts with something calming and you will get this with THC or CBD strains. There is a rush of relaxation that pours over the body and that makes all the difference in the world. It soothes both the mind and the body at once allowing you to get rest.

It's best to use Granddaddy Purple for this type of effect.

Strain: Granddaddy Purple 

Recommended Product: Vapen Grand Daddy Purple Disposable .5G Cartridge

Description: This is noted for having a refined berry grape aroma and produces an exceptional high. It will soothe the mind and body creating a sense of relaxation that's essential for resting. It is created by Vapen and is appreciated for delivering a premium experience every time.


Reduction Of Stress Hormones

Stress is noted for being a major issue when it comes to not sleeping well. The right strains will make sure your stress hormone levels go down and the body eases up. 

It's recommended to use Girl Scout Cookies for this effect.

Strain: Girl Scout Cookies

Recommended Product: Matu Girl Scout Cookies 1G Live Resin Cartridge

Description: This particular strain is appreciated for having a refined flavor and offering exceptional effects. It is noted for having an earthy aroma with a minty finish. The strain is great for reducing stress and boosting your mood.


Increased Sleep Duration

Getting enough sleep is important. It is not just about going to bed but also staying there for at least 7-8 hours. This is what a relaxing strain can do for you.

The right strain for this is Grape Ape. 

Strain: Grape Ape

Recommended Product: Zazzo Grape Ape Disposable Cartridge

Description: This is an indica strain that is similar to the taste of grapes. It tends to offer a comprehensive experience that will put you at ease and is going to make sure you go into a deep sleep. This is what allows you to sleep longer and better every night.

Reduced Pain

Some people deal with chronic pain and that is why they struggle. It is best to use one of these strains to reduce your pain and sleep well at night.

The right strain for this is Doc Holiday.

Strain: Doc Holiday (Holliday)

Recommended Product: Shango Doc Holiday Fresh Flower

Description: This indica strain is appreciated for its spicy pine flavor profile and it offers a berry finish that is quite noteworthy. The aroma is similar to lavender with a hint of earthy pine. This finishes with a citric blast that is easy on the taste buds. Shango is appreciated for offering premier cannabis products and this is one of them.

Less Focus On Unrelated Things

It is common for a person to focus on different things when resting in bed. Don't let this happen by taking one of these strains. You will be getting better sleep with these strains as the mind won't be scattered.

The right strain for this is Gelato. 

Strain: Gelato

Recommended Product: Riggs Family Farm Gelato Preroll

Description: This indica strain is all about its potent flavor profile and effects. It has a lavender citrus aroma and is noted for keeping the mind focused. This ensures you can rest without having the mind rushing in five different directions.


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