How To Avoid Smelling Like Smoke After A Sesh

Date: August 10, 2022

Just because you enjoy smoking doesn't mean you want to smell like it all day. Unfortunately, cannabis has a very strong scent to it. While more and more states are recognizing the many benefits of cannabis by legalizing it for both medical and recreational use, that doesn't stop strangers from passing judgment. There's still this stigma associated with smoking that's going to be hard to abolish. Until then, you may be seeking ways to get rid of that stinky marijuana smell. While nothing can mask it entirely, here are some of the top things you can do to avoid wreaking like cannabis after smoking.

How To Not Smell Cannabis After Smoking:


1. Mouthwash, Gums, and Mints

One of the first things you need to take care of would be your breath. This is true when you smoke cigarettes and when you smoke marijuana. There's no getting around this. Your breath is going to stink. No one wants to sit there and have a conversation with someone who has bad breath. Not only is your breath going to smell like cannabis, but it's likely to smell bad because of the dry mouth side effect of smoking marijuana. That's a well-known side effect that can have your breath smelling even worse because it creates a much more suitable environment for bacteria growth. Solving the bad breath problem can be rather easy with a few key products. A good thing you could do if you have time would be to brush your teeth. If not, you can opt for mouthwash instead. A quick 30-second swig of mouthwash can have your breath smelling fresher. Other options would include mints and gum. Gum is a good one because you can keep chewing it for a while. Mints are good options if you don't enjoy chewing gum.


2. Eye Drops

Your eyes are going to get red after smoking [1]. If you don't want to look like you're a real-life Bitcoin HODLer's profile picture, you're going to want to use eye drops. Eye drops can do wonders for keeping your eyes hydrated and less red. Your eyes end up getting red because the blood flows to your eyes increases after smoking. Eye drops are a good 'solution' to your red eye problem. Always keep eye drops handy if you are smoking and going in public if you don't want to look like you are blazed.

3. Lotion and Hand Sanitizer

Whenever you smoke, you will be using your hands to bring the joint or blunt to your mouth. There's nothing you can do apart from wearing latex gloves to stop your hands from smelling like a hot boxed vehicle. If you don't want to smoke using gloves, your next best option is lotion and hand sanitizer. Don't be worried about smelling like a bottle of hand sanitizer as everyone is using it nowadays. You can always freshen your hands up by getting scented lotion. Pick your favorite scent and you can have your hands smelling fresher than a flower bouquet.


4. Wet Wipes or Facial Wipes

Freshening up your face is another good way to keep yourself from smelling like cannabis and looking like you just smoked. These wipes can help add fragrance that can mask the smell and they can help you look more hydrated.


5. Cologne or Perfume

If you don't want to smell like cannabis, you can find scents that completely overpower the overwhelming smell. Enter cologne. Always keep some cologne, perfume, or body spray ready to go whenever you smoke. This is a great way to keep yourself from smelling like you just hot-boxed a Prius.


While these tips can help you from smelling too much like cannabis after smoking, there's nothing that's going to stop you from stinking if you smoke in an unventilated area. Try to smoke in a well-ventilated area. Also, bring a change of clothes if possible. Swapping your clothing after smoking is one of the best ways to minimize the stench.




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